The Unbeaten Guide on Choosing A Kayak Paddle

There are different kinds of water boats. I think the finest riding boat is the kayak boat. But there are different types of kayak boats out there. Some are for tourists and some for adventures. The most important part of kayaking is the paddle as the paddles control the kayak. It would be best if you chose the right kayak paddle. That is here is a guide on choosing a kayak paddle.

how to choose a kayak paddle

We will talk about every aspect of the paddle one by one below.


Length of kayak Paddle

length of a kayak paddle

The paddle’s length is the most crucial aspect of the paddle. It will vary depending on the boat’s width and height. Although the width is the central part of choosing the length of the paddle. The taller a person is, the longer the kayak paddle needs to be as the kaya itself will be longer. Check some websites and kayak length for height chart about the paddle from different brands. Some necessary information you need to remember is:

  • if your height is 5 feet tall, then the boat needs to be 210 cm, and you will take a paddle of that size.
  • For 5 – 5.6 feet tall, then the boat needs to be 220 cm, and you will take a paddle of that size.
  • If your height is 6 feet tall, then the boat needs to be 230 – 240 cm, and you will take a paddle of that size.
  • For 6 feet tall and above, then the boat needs to be 240 cm, and you will take a paddle of that size.


The Angle of Your Paddle

selecting the angle of a kayak paddle

A paddle does high strokes with low angles and your hands can relax because of the low angle stroking. You can only do a stroke like that with the kayak shaft. There is a comfortable position for kayaking where you put your hand, which lays down the upper one’s shoulder. That kind of stroke is an ideal stroke for flat or low-lying water.

But if you want to do a high angle faster, then you need to hold the blade higher. For that, you need a shorter and broader blade. You can discuss your preferences with the seller, and they will tell you which one to take.


Substances of the Paddle

substances of a paddle

The substances that make the paddle is essential. Because you will have to move it around, it needs to be made to move it quickly. The substance affects your performance when kayaking—the energy released when your stroke is also dependent on the substances. Plastic is suitable for the edge. Various kinds of substances can make the paddle. For instance, the polymer is best for water. If you combine nylon and fiberglass, you can get another sense used to make the paddle.


Price of a Kayak Paddle


If you want a low-priced paddle, then a plastic variant is the better choice. But you can also get the nylon-based paddle for recreation. Those paddles are pretty affordable too, and risk-free. Even though it might break or bend under the sun, it is flexible than any other paddle out there.


Design of the Blade

The blades of the paddle are essential. You will have to find out what type of blade will be better for you. There is some irregular design out there that comes in a narrow size. They are shorter on one side.

design of a kayak paddle blade

So, when you put it on the water, the blade will be uniform when you push the kayak on the water. There are also two-storied blades which will give you great comfort when you are in the water. They also let the water flow smoothly throughout the blade.

If you get the narrow blades, then they will be the most comfortable. The stretches the narrow blades make are long. And you will make the long stretches vary quickly with narrow blades. If you go for a whole day trip, then thin blades are better.


Shaft Design

shaft design

There are different designs of shafts. Some are bent, and some are straight. Based on that, they can give an additional grip on the water. Also, they let you flow smoothly in the water with your kayak. The shafts with small diameters give you a good grip.



This article was a short guide on choosing a kayak paddle to let you know the different aspects of the kayak paddle and how it affects your kayaking. Now that about the kayak paddle length guide and the different types of kayak paddle that you can find, I hope you can find the right kind of paddle for your next kayaking session with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Note: You can learn more about how to hold a kayak paddle as well.


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