6 Best Carry-On Travel Backpacks for 2021

We all love traveling. Some like hiking and some like going to the beaches. Some like the forest and some like mountains. The most important thing before you start to travel is you need a travel backpack.

There are different kinds of bags. Some are good for daily use and some for a week-long journey—some bag to use when you are in a hurry. It all depends on your needs and we also added a backpack for professional photographers who need to keep their gears safe.

Below we have added the 6 best carry-on travel backpacks for 2021, which are fantastic for traveling. We hope you will pick one up from the list below to travel the places in this month of January as well as other months of the year.

We also added an amazon link of the bags at the end of each backpack’s description, in case you don’t have to go anywhere else for buying and of course, Enjoy!


THULE SUBTERRA 34L Travel Backpack

thule subterra backpack thule subterra backpack

Black is the right color for backpacks

Released by Thule, the Nylon SUBTERRA travel backpack is not your typical carry-on travel backpack. This travel pack is perfect for your daily use and when you want to travel. It has a magnetic closure and roll-top opening. This allows you to pack the end to its fullest capacity and have access to your stuff easily at a moment’s search.

There is a dedicated compartment for packing your laptop for a weekend trip, which you can easily retrieve from the side zipper and there are removable packing cubes. You can use them to organize your stuff.

The only thing that is not likable is the zippers because the quality could be better. In short, this is one of the best backpacks.

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NOMATIC 40L Travel Backpack

best carry-on luggage

This one is a 40L bag. Can you believe it?

Now that we have a backpack for your daily or weekend trip, let’s talk about a pack that will last you well on your week-long trip. The NOMATIC Travel bag is what you need.

Now you might be concerned if your bag will fit or not in the overhead bins in the airplane. Rest assured, this backpack was made while keeping in mind the airplane carry-on luggage regulations. It is a backpack combined with the qualities of the best carry-on luggage, duffle bag, and gear.

This backpack has a sleek and minimalistic look with weatherproof materials. The YKK zippers which are waterproof and lots of compartments for your clothes, electronics, shoes, water bottle, and what-not (of course there is a compartment for your laptop), take this bag to another level.

This bag also has a detachable strap that can switch from duffel mode or backpack mode, rock whichever style suits your taste.

Sadly, it has no side access, and it makes getting your stuff a bit tiring.

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TORTUGA SETOUT Travel Backpack

Best Setout travel backpack

A bag with lots of pockets

Don’t you wish to buy a pack hacker? Chill, not the real hackers.

TORTUGA SETOUT travel backpack is a cylinder-style backpack suitable for packing your electronics and clothes together and other small stuff. This backpack is for city travelers. You will be able to take it with you on a plane freely.

The hip belt with pockets and padded straps ensures you comfortable carrying and there are a lot of pockets. You could store your flight tickets, kindle, passports, and hand sanitizer with ease.

The backpack’s construction helps you keep your stuff organized. There are lockable zippers for ultimate safety if you hassle for safety. A security-focused carry-on backpack.

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WANDRD PRVKE Travel and DSLR Camera Backpack

best travel camera backpacks

The best backpack for your gadgets

Who doesn’t take photos when they are traveling? But some professional photographers travel long and far for work.

For those kinds of people, the WANDRD PRVKE travel backpack is the best travel backpack for photographers. With water and abrasion-resistant, this backpack is made of long-lasting nylon.

This travel backpack will protect your beloved gadgets. It will be safe from being destroyed by anyone too excited and get run into you or any hiker who is not aware of his surroundings.

Also, there is a side panel for you to access your gear, drone quickly, etc. There is a pocket for keeping your tripod and bottle when you go out for shooting but the bag gets heavy even with the presence of sternum and straps.

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TIMBUK2 Uptown Laptop Travel Backpack

Best Laptop Travel Backpack

The Best Business Travel Backpack

Passing through airplane security can be a headache and keeping that in mind we here have a TSA-friendly TIMBUK2 backpack. You will be passing through airport security like lightning with this carry-on backpack.

As you will have an easier time passing through security and so, you will have extra time for a lunch break before you board the plane and take a stroll and look around the duty-free shops.

There is sufficient space for storing your laptop, a perfect go-to laptop backpack, and other gadgets you want to take with you. There is a zip pocket in the front if you’re going to stuff it with some miscellaneous products; you sure can do that.

With a ventilated back panel, this backpack is built with nylon for durability but you have to be aware because this bag is not for your week-long trips, but you can get to your business meetings quicker as you can leave the airport faster than everyone else.

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WITZMAN Vintage Travel Backpack

Best Travel Backpack For Men

Best Travel Backpack For Men

I am someone who likes attention when people turn their heads around to look at your new style or the new backpack you are traveling with, that kind of thing.

Suppose you are like me and for that, we got just something right for you. WITZMAN vintage is made with leather from high-quality canvas and it looks way expensive than it is. Carry it on your back or your hand or across your body, and you get it all.

This is made possible because of the handles and straps on the bag and it retains its shape with side buckles. The zippered back-side pocket has shoulder straps also you have the choice to make if you want to use them or not; it is totally up to you.

The only problem is that it doesn’t have storage like the last one I have mentioned above but other than that, this one is one of the best carry-on travel backpacks.

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We hope that you get the best carry-on travel backpacks for your needs and preferences. These bags should complete your requirements. Rock these bags and travel to your heart’s content—happy traveling, dear travelers.



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