Facts and Information About Open Educational Resources

If you are someone like me then you probably do not know anything about open educational resources. This is probably your first time hearing the term. Now you are confused. So, just hang in there.

open educational resources

In this article, I will help you learn what it is. I will also tell you some facts about it. You will find additional information.

What are open educational resources? 

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational mediums. Whether it is learning, research materials, or teaching. It may be digital. OER is helpful for you no matter what you do. They will always prove to be helpful. Especially, if you are someone who does a lot of research. 

Apart from that, it may occur in the public domain. Or separate institutions having an open license. It can be used freely, changed, and shared amongst many. Also, this will have no or limited restrictions. 

I have used Open Educational Resources multiple times. I had the chance to use them for research projects for school. It was really easy for a person like me to gather information while sitting at home. Let me share my experience with you in this article. Here’s a list of what OER includes. 

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For example, open educational resources may include:

  1. Learning Modules
  2. Open Textbooks
  3. Streaming Videos
  4. Open Access Journals
  5. Online Tutorials
  6. Digital Learning Objects
  7.  OpenCourseWare     

Advantages of Open Educational Resources 

OER allows access to alter and remix content. So that teachers can teach the syllabus they want to. According to their method without having any specifications or restrictions. It benefits them as OER finishes the budget hurdles. 

This will help students save money and cause good things for everyone. This will allow them to have their copy of the required materials from the first day of class. A lot of student surveys showed that the cost of textbooks impacted the classes they took. As well as the classes they took each semester. 

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Surveys show that students and faculty who have OER agree that they are as good as commercial books. Sometimes even better than commercial textbooks. This is because in open education resources visual representations help students get a better grip of the concept. It increases their understanding and bonding with teachers. 

Why should you use OER?

One of the driving elements for the reception of OER, is they are free. Just like open course material. However, just because they are free isn’t the only advantage of using OER. They are an important piece of an open instructional method. 

They can be used to make an amazing learning experience for your studies. Studies have shown a positive connection between the use of OER and good grades. Open education resources will help lower withdrawal rates. While improving grades overall. 

What are the disadvantages of Open Educational Resources?

Having listed the advantages of OER now we will list the disadvantages. They are not that big of disadvantages. These were the most talked-about disadvantages. Take a look at the ones that I have listed below. 

  1. Quality issues – At some websites, online material can be edited or changed by anyone at any time. According to their preferences. This results in useless or false information. 
  2. Technology problems – although it has many benefits there is an equal ratio of disadvantages. As some students may have difficulty in joining online resources because of a slow internet connection. Some may not have access to the software required and some might have no absolute connection to the internet at all. 

slow internet problems

  1. OER Commons This information base of OERs allows you to look by instruction level, learning material sort, and availability. Upheld by the not-revenue driven gathering Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education.

Where can you find Open Educational Resources? 

I have made a list of the places from where you can find OER. If you simply click on these you will get to go to the website. Here you can find some different sorts of resources. 

  1. BCCampus- is a collection of 159 textbooks by topics and you can also use a simple search. It is supported by the government of British Columbia.
  2. Teaching Commons– It has the material type and subject databases.
  3. HathiTrust Digital Library– This database can be used to search for a variety of material that is given from universities throughout the country.
  4. Merlot Run- by the California State University System. Its search includes the audience, material type, and accessibility, etc.
  5. OASIS– A new database to search hundreds of sources hosted by SUNY Geneseo.


Open education resources are being used in educational features in different ways. It’s supported by educational scholars. Those who understand that technological progress is the future of us. You are right! There is no doubt that it is the future of our leading generation. Are you someone who thinks this way? What is your take on this? Let us know your opinion! 


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