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Golam Murshed
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Golam Murshed, a dynamic global leader with inspiring insights into an incredible vision of using cutting-edge technology to improve the country’s socio-economic situation. He has proven fundraising talents, networking capabilities, successful cooperation with hundreds of clients, and the ability to provide multi-million BDT to the country. He is an honorable member of the Bangladesh Refrigerator Manufacturers and Exporters Associations, the Bangladesh Online Journalists Associations, and the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI).


Early life and education

Golam Murshed was born in Chapainawabganj to a renowned family. Md. Monirul Islam, his father, has worked as a journalist for local newspapers and is a founding member of the Chapainawabganj Press Club.

He graduated from Harimohan Govt High School in Chapainawabganj Sadar in 2004 and Notre Dame College in Dhaka in 2005.

In 2010, Golam Murshed graduate from the Islamic University of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering.

In 2020, he will have completed his MBA at North South University.



Murshed is likely Bangladesh’s youngest CEO, in charge of a company that controls more than 60% of the country’s electrical household product industry.

Murshed began his career in 2010 at the age of 21. He had been attempting to find a job like everyone else since graduating at the end of 2010. Walton, a household electronic device firm, was recruiting for assistant engineers at the same time. He applied to Walton after seeing the job advertisement and was hired.

After nine years of continuous hard work, at the age of 30, he is the Managing Director of the same Walton, a firm that has grown to a market capitalization of Tk37,000 crore.

His success is due entirely to his dedication and talent, his intuitive but clear thinking, and his ability to perceive opportunities that have yet to materialize and discern the future even while it is shrouded in haze.


Walton Journey

Golam Murshed told The Business Standard in an interview, “My achievement is due to my dedication. Ownership of the company, working without a set schedule, and consistency have all contributed to the company’s success.”

“Work fascinates me more than an academic degree, perseverance in decision-making, and the need to do it – these three have led me to this position,” he continued.

“After joining, I made the job my way of life. I made the job a habit to go to the office early in the morning and return home late at night. Everyone went home when they completed their normal work hours. However, I began spending time in production units. Learning the work became an addiction for me, and it was this addiction that propelled me to the top.”

Soon after, he shifted his joining department to research and development. And then began screening his dynamic leadership with the manufacturing unit’s in-charge. Murshed’s fortunate ability to be an inventive leader sprang from this circumstance.

Murshed stepped into refrigerator manufacturing with the authorities’ agreement after working in Walton’s AC manufacturing for over two years since the fridge production techniques appeared exciting to him.

I wasn’t shilly-shallying to take over the most crucial and sophisticated refrigerator production line, he said, adding that he believes there were more hurdles here. The difficulties, on the other hand, were enormous. I was lucky that the authorities gave me the chance to accept.

After Murshed took over that production line in the refrigerator manufacturing company, production nearly doubled in a year.

“Of course, everyone in the team had a hand in it. This was made feasible by my coworkers’ willingness to obey my orders, “Murshed remarked.

Murshed was soon given responsibility for business operations. This happened while he was working on the fridge production line by the then-former managing director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited.

After three years, when he was hired as the managing director (MD) of the refrigerator department, he made revolutionary changes in his career.

Based on his outstanding performance, Walton authorities nominated Golam Murshed as Managing Director of the renowned electronics products manufacturer on October 8, 2020. He was also promoted as the company’s extra managing director before this appointment (AMD).

“I believe the old MD believed in me and trusted me. He wished for me to become more involved on a broader scale, “Said Murshed.

“Taking over as MD of the refrigerator department was a watershed moment in my career as an AMD and MD. As an associate of the then-MD, I gained knowledge in various sectors, including R&D, production, planning, finance, marketing, and management, which made my job easier, “added he.


Future Plans of Golam Murshed

Golam Murshed, the CEO of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd (WHIL), is guiding the company like a captain of a ship. Thanks to a very supportive staff of more than 25,000 qualified workforces. Also, Walton’s strategies, aggressive marketing, and increased emphasis on research and development, as well as innovation, are propelling him to new heights.

Golam Murshed’s key priority right now is to make Walton one of the top worldwide electrical companies by 2030. He has made his plans and is putting them into action to meet his goal. To achieve the goal, he has boosted R&D facilities, capital investment, and global export.

“The organization’s founders had enormous dreams for the country and the demand for high-tech items among the general public. It’s finally time to go worldwide. We currently successfully export our products to over 40 nations around the world, including the Western Hemisphere. Bangladesh will soon know around the world as a technologically advanced country with a thriving hi-tech economy. By 2030, he wants Walton to be one of the top worldwide electronics companies, “Golam Murshed quoted as saying.


What is Walton? 

Walton is Bangladesh’s most well-known electronics, electrical, home appliance, and ICT Product Company.

Walton currently controls nearly three-quarters of the overall local refrigerator market. It also has a vital position in the television and air conditioning businesses, with 40% and 22% market shares, respectively.

Despite being a newcomer to the domestic lift business, the local firm now hopes to capture a quarter of the market.

Apart from providing high-quality consumer items to the local electronic market, Walton has employed over 25 thousand people directly. And yes, another 1 lakh indirectly. Walton’s marketing network stretches across the country, with over 350 Walton Plaza locations and over 25,000 dealers.

“When it comes to technology, creativity, and fresh ideas, Walton will be synonymous with Bangladesh.”

“Through ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled hi-tech products, I aim to bring the flag of Bangladesh to every corner of the world,” Golam Murshed remarked.

Walton is a character in the film Walton. At the country’s stock exchanges, Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. is setting new marks. On September 23, 2020, WHIL began trading on the two stock exchanges. Prices of Walton’s every share increased up to the circuit breaker’s highest limit for the trading days following the debut.

According to stock exchange sources, the price of a Walton share with a face value of Tk10 was Tk 1,221.80. The company’s market capitalization stands at Tk37,012 crores, based on the current value of its shares.

Last year, Walton paid a 200 percent dividend to its shareholders. Now, Walton going to take its market abroad by investing $0.5 million to establish Walton Corporation in the United States of America.




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