How to Have Fun at A Mall – You would love to Know!

how to have fun at a mall

Looking for fun this weekend? Why not try the mall near you? For some people, a shopping mall is a place more than just lots of shops.

For them, it might feel like a place where they can spend some time with friends and eat together. Also, they can watch movies together or have fun playing games.

There are many different ways you can have fun at the mall without spending money. Let us find out how to have fun at a mall!


The Stores at The Mall

  • Mainly, the shopping experience is trying out different types of clothes that are showcased at the store. But maybe you are not going to buy anything today; still trying out different clothes can be fun. You could try the cute outfit and post a selfie with your shopping partner on Instagram. This is sure to make you feel like a queen/king.

Cloth stores at the mall

  • Do you like pets? If the mall has a pet store, then try and go play with the rabbits, kittens, or puppies at the pet store. Observe the other animal in their cages. A fun thing you can do is find silly names for the animals there.

pet store at mall

  • Some of you may be allergic to feline animals. Instead, you can go flip through pages of the books you like in the bookstore. You might not be able to buy it, but who can stop you from flipping the pages. Just find a chair if it gets tiring to stand for a long time and keep reading.

How to have fun at a mall

  • There are not only just clothing stores in the mall, right? You have a variety of choices to consider from. For instance:
    • You could use the funky gadgets or get a massage from the massage chair.
    • Sneak a peek at the apple store and try the latest Apple products. Maybe leave a funny photo or video for the next customer.
    • Go try out the lotions and cream or sniff the candles. See if you fancy something and maybe buy it next time you go shopping.
    • There is always someone who lets customers sample free foods, or you could go to stores like Williams Sonoma for free samples of gourmet foods.

Having fun at a mall

  • As you may have already seen in the malls, there are tv displays on some floors or maybe department stores. You could look for movies, a television show which you like. If you get the chance and find a pressure-free employee, then you could even request them to change the channel.

large tv at shopping mall


Playing Games with Friends

  • Observing is quite a pleasing thing to do if you are one like me. I like watching people doing their regular work. Sometimes it gives me insight into them. And in malls, there are many kinds of people. Start a game with your friend.

playing games at mall

  • You could, for example, play “Bingo.” It would be best if you came up with a category before starting. For example, a person with a specific color bag, a child on a carrier, bright colors, etc., when you reach the predetermined number, you win.
  • You could also put a reward at the end. Any silly thing works best. Maybe getting the winner a drink from the vending machine or a bar of chocolate.

chocolate bar at shopping mall

  • There are a lot of arcades in shopping malls. They also have gaming centers. They can be fun too. You could spend the afternoon playing with your friends.
    • Keep a predetermined sum of money. It could be a dollar or five. Spend them in the arcade so that you can save money instead of mindlessly wasting them.

how to have fun at a mall

  • The mall is the perfect place to play, hide, and seek. First, choose a shop or group of shops as your range of playground. Let one friend count on their head when they are pretending to enter a shop.
    • The rest should hide in the range that was set beforehand. Pretend to be shopping while trying to hide. As you try to act like shopping, it could become amusing.

hide an d seek at mall

  • Maybe try and pretend as if you live in the home goods shop. This could be one of the best things to do at malls. So, try out beds and couches.
    • You can even pretend as if you are looking o buy something for your house and pick the furniture you like.

furniture at mall

  • Listen to what toddlers have to say. Smile at them while walking past them. You might hear something invaluable, but surely they’ll cheer up your mood.

kids at mall


Visiting the Food Court

  • Who doesn’t like free stuff? You could get to eat a snack. Well, you should try everything they have to offer.
    • Go to the food court when you arrive to start your shopping trip. Come back again after a few hours. You might even get seconds on your free sample.

free snack at mall

  • Do you like international food? The food courts are a great source of variety. When with friends, you should buy something that is small from all the restaurants in the food courts which you like:
    • Lay all the foods that you have gathered and share with your shopping partners. You all get to travel all around the world through the foods.

international foods at mall

  • You might not have money to pay for a full meal. But the food court is a place where you can buy small treats so that you can continue your adventure of the mall.
    • I suggest getting a milkshake or something liquid similar to that of the restaurant you like the most.

smoothie and drinks at mall

  • Be generous. Share an ice-cream with someone to show your kindness and love.

ice creams at mall

In conclusion

To conclude, that was all about how to have fun at a mall and the entire mall adventure. Try the given idea on your next visit to the mall; maybe take a few friends or the special someone. Lastly, be goofy; be funky.


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