How to Talk to A Girl in A Group Attractively & Stay Ambitious

How to Talk to A Girl in A Group

How to talk to a girl or Approaching a girl with whom you do not already have a previous introduction is not really a walk in the park. In case you have a secret crush for the girl you want to approach, things will also get a bit tougher for you automatically because of adrenaline. But we tell you not to get tensed. We have you covered. Stay with us till the end, and you will have your tonic. It’s nothing critical—just a two-step process. Once you get things around you calculated, talking to a girl in a group will no longer seem like a mammoth task for you.

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How to Talk to A Girl in A Group

Step 1: Approach the Group

How to Talk to A Girl in A Group

  1. Have a quick evaluation of the group. As an unknown person, not every group is approachable for you, and you will not be welcomed in every group also. So, it is always wise to judge the situation before entering. To have a judgment, try to listen to what they are talking about. But listen in such a way so that you don’t seem evident for cues. If the topic is serious, resist yourself. Otherwise, you may proceed.
  2. Your next challenge is to blend in with the group. It will be best if you can find yourself a natural opening into the group. Look for an entrance, a topic, using which you can get in. Try to make it smooth, don’t just start listening to a group of completely unknown people. Surely you wouldn’t want to show yourself as a creepy guy. So, try asking questions related to the subject. Maintain a jolly and open environment.
  3. Start to contribute to the group. Listen to what they are talking about and share your thoughts. Try to use it in your favor. While talking with the group, do not single out the girl you want to approach just yet. Talk to everyone in the group. At the first stage, depending on the situation, keep paying the same attention to everyone.
  4. Here you can note; how to talk to a girl in a group is your main priority. So, you can start a side conversation with the girl. Carefully transit a one on one conversation with her. Turn around towards her and start making eye contact. Address only the girl in some discussions. Also, try making small side comments and keep them only between you two. Try holding her interest in you. To do so, keep making conversations with her. It will keep her distracted from the group and eventually make her giving more focus on you.
  5. Keep the topic running. From now on, things may turn in two ways. Either the group will leave you guys talking, or they just simply won’t. If they leave you alone, ask her a lot of questions in the one-on-one conversation so that she can’t let her focus slide from you. Keep making eye contact.

In case the group doesn’t let you guys alone, don’t let the group feel like they are left out. Also, include them in the conversation. It will be in your favor if you can keep the whole group in motion. Most of the girls find those guys pleasant if the guy is nice to her friends.

  1. If all these don’t work, you can be moving somewhere else after a bit of talking. But keep making eye contact with her. If she finds you for talking, you will know that she is also interested in talking to you. Consider it a good sign. But what if she doesn’t?

In that case, wait further until the group is leaving. Then quickly go to her and pull her aside. Tell her how good meeting with her was for you. Then tell her that you will really like her to have a coffee or drink sometime.


Step 2: Know How You will Handle the Conversation

How to Talk to A Girl in A Group

  1. How to talk to a girl in a group is a lesson. Instead of talking much, ask questions. Ask questions about the group, try to find out the group’s interest, what they like, etc. Try to maintain light food and find fun. You can ask group questions like how they have met each other, what they are drinking etc.
  2. Being a good listener is very important. The more you will listen, the more you will find facts related to the group members. Take part in the conversation positively. Talk about recent movies. If anyone says that they found a movie boring, ask why her favorite movie genre or her particular favorite movies. Be positive and keep the conversation going. Here listening is essential because without listening, you will not know what to talk about.
  3. Turn the attention of the group towards her. If anyone is sharing her view on something, turn towards the girl you want to talk to and ask her opinion. It will also make everyone understand that you are interested in talking to her.
  4. Look for everyday things between you and her. If you find out that she is interested in a club, a band, a tv series, or anything else, roam around that particular topic for a bit. Try to know her hobby. See if this matches with you. If yes, bingo! Otherwise, ask her about that. It will help her to be comfortable around you.
  5. Don’t just keep going asking questions about her only. You also need to share about yourself. This give-and-take policy will keep the environment light. Unless the girl might feel like you are praying, which you would never like, share information about yourself, experience, hobbies, and views on different things. It will make you more trustable to her. But keep things smooth. Don’t go over the line.
  6. Don’t stress yourself out. Be just as you usually are. Bright, smooth, comfortable, and obviously, confident. Being someone else for a short period is not really something doable.
  7. And finally, do not overthink about lines. Introduce yourself by saying your name and just have a little handshake with her. Don’t try to act like someone you are not. Be genuinely interested in the topics. Showing off doesn’t really come with good results.


Final Thought

How to Talk to A Girl in A Group

When you thinking about how to talk to a girl in a group or approaching a girl, the key is to keep your head cool, do not overthink, and stress yourself out. It will make you open for any improvisation in case things do not go along precisely as you planned. You need to keep in mind that almost nothing works as it is designed. Things can always go south. So, try to be yourself as much as you can. It is imperative to talk to a girl in a group. Don’t blindly follow the above steps. Make sure that you get your concept clear and execute it calmly. Hopefully, talking to a girl in a group will no longer be an issue.


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