Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse 2021! Here Is How You Will Watch This Rare Event

ring of fire
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The Ring of Fire solar eclipse of 2021 is projected to appear in the sky this week. The exact time is on Thursday, June 10, at 6:53 a.m. ET. This unusual cosmic occurrence occurs when a dazzling circle of light surrounds the Moon, which researchers have called the Ring of Fire.

This event will be somewhat visible from the northeastern United States. However, people will best view it from the northern and eastern sections of North America and Russia.

2021 Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse of the year will occur on June 10 when the Moon completely blocks the Sun. Consequently, leaving only a flaming ring around the Earth’s natural satellite.

According to LiveScience, the Moon is far enough from Earth to seem too tiny to block out the sun during solar eclipse. Instead, the Moon travels over the Sun, generating the flaming edges that we see as a ring from Earth.

ring of fire
Photo Credit- Astronomy Magazine

According to the scientific news website, the annular solar eclipse will last 100 minutes, beginning at sunrise in Ontario, Canada, and proceeding northward to Greenland, peaking at 8:41 a.m. local time or 6:41 EDT (11:41 GDT). Residents in northern Greenland will be able to view it around 10:41 UTC, and it will terminate at sunset in northeastern Siberia, according to EarthSky.

Unfortunately, some areas may not experience the Ring of Fire solar eclipse. Some areas may only get a partial eclipse depending on the weather. The areas affected by the partial eclipse will experience a lighter shadow, known as the penumbra, that will obstruct the Sun.

The United States and the southeast, northeast, midwest, and northern Alaska are among these places. According to NASA, it is ideal for viewing the eclipse at these locations before, during, and immediately after dawn. When the sun rises, we can see the annular solar eclipse with the best views.

What Causes This Eclipse?

Although an annular solar eclipse is not the same as a complete solar eclipse, it is a fascinating celestial occurrence due to the apparent “ring of fire” or annulus surrounding the Moon.

When the New Moon cast a shadow on Earth, solar eclipse occurs. It is, however, not large enough to induce a total solar eclipse. Also, it is permanently restricted to a particular location that varies during the eclipse. Which is due to the the motion of Moon and Earth.


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