Top 7 Cheapest Places to Travel with US Dollars – [You would love to travel]

Now more than ever, it has become easier to travel with almost no money. Budget accommodation, sharing economy, cheap flights, and other related facts have made traveling cheap and affordable for everyone.

There are many cheapest places to travel in the world, but here I will show you the top 7 cheapest places to travel with US dollars.

With the dollar in the bag, it is far easier to travel to many places, and it’s less expensive than you think. You can visit many places cheap, but there are a few places that you should not miss at all. These places are the best places and give you the best value for your buck.

Cheapest Places to Travel with US Dollars



Many people ignore Romania even though this place is the cheapest and will give you the best value. The transportation is quite affordable. Bucharest, the capital, has its breathtaking regions.

visiting Romania

Also, you can share rides and hitchhike. Per day you only need $30-40 USD. So, you can smoothly go there with much less money than you can imagine. Transylvania and Bucharest are the places with the most development in Romania.  Go there for a weekly getaway.



Rich with history and filled with culture, people, wine, and football, Argentina have many things to offer. There are places Patagonia, one of the best countries in South America. There is also Buenos Aires is among the busiest cities.

You do not have to worry about communication  English is the primary language. The atmosphere allows you to enjoy drinking and eating to your heart’s content.

traveling to Argentina

The only problem is the rampant inflation of this country, because of which the prices fluctuate. Even then, you only need $40-50 USD daily. You can find lodging for $5-10 USD  and steak and wine meals for around USD 20. The main focus is Patagonia, which offers mesmerizing landscapes and a great hiking experience.



As Greece’s economy struggles a lot, it has made relatively cheap. You only need USD 11 for a night in a hostel and USD 30 in hotels and gyros USD 3.50. But you might find some islands to be not so cheap even then they are quite affordable.

Most beautiful place in the world

You will find beaches, islands and great food to accompany that. And you will get in a fraction of the price from other European countries. Because of the economic problem, there has been a decrease in the tourist count, which gives you less crowded tourist spots. You will not only get a great bargain there, but you will also help bring back some money into the economy.


Costa Rica

This Central American country is a bit expensive, but you can go far within a reasonable budget. Costa Rica is a balance between safe and budget-friendly, with which you can get to see amazing sights and do activities.

Costa Rica

You will find turtles, cloud forests, deep-sea diving, white water rafting, volcanos, nature preserves, incredible surfing, and filled with cheerful people all over this magical region while making it one of the best places to visit in January.

You will also get cheap flights from the US. USD 400 for a round trip from New York City, which you sometimes might be able to get at USD 300. You need @40-45 USD daily and a mid-budget trip of $50-100 USD considering how you use it.



If you visit Cambodia, then it will become one of your best places to visit. The people in Cambodia are so welcoming. Even if you visit after long periods of a gap, you will find that it still the best destination in Southeast Asia even though the prices have increased in the years but not that much less than Thailand. Cross-country will cost below USD 20, and meals will be $1-5 USD.

how to visit cambodia

If you take private rooms, they will be nearly USD 10. You can use the dollar everywhere, and you will be able to get them from ATMs. Everything is well priced. You will be able to have changed in dollars, and converting is pretty straightforward.

This country is very affordable, safe, and friendly. One of the most historical sites which are amazing is Angkor Wat. You can visit the killing fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum there in Phnom Penh to learn about the country’s murderous past.


South Korea

If you ever visit South Korea, then you will be stunned to know how cheap everything is. But it’s that much cheap as Southeast Asia, but in comparison to Japan or Europe, it is quite affordable. USD 1 is 1190 Korean won (currency), and most of the things cost only a few thousand in won.

One of the most beautiful place

Much of your money will go into food as the foods here are fantastic. You will need to spend only USD 8 for Korean BBQ with drinks. And only a couple of dollars for bottles of beer in 7-11. Seoul hostels cost USD 10 per night. I do not know why not many people talk about South Korea. But for a cheap East Asian country and mesmerizing countryside, then South Korea is the answer.



You might not be a massive fan of Vietnam, but it is among the cheapest countries in the travel part. Last year, you could get by with USD 8 daily with cheap guest houses, transportation, local food, and light drinking. But it might have increased now, but it will be quite affordable compared to its neighbors.

beautiful place of Vietnam - cheapest place to visit

If your budget for USD 20 for a day, you will want only a few things, realistically speaking. Hostels will be few bucks and delicious street food under USD 1. And if you’re going to travel quite comfortably, you will need $50-100 USD.  You will want to visit Hanoi city and Ha Long Bay if you go to the north.

If you go to the south, then visit Chu Chi Tunnels close to Ho Chi Minh City. Fun fact, those tunnels were used in the Vietnam War. You can do cliff jumping and canyoning in Dalat. And for beaches, you will want to go to Nha Trang and Mui Ne.



These were some of the cheap places to travel internationally. All the countries that I have talked about here can have a varied and affordable counterpart to pricy Japan, Europe, or Australia. When money is involved, then you will need to be smart. Travel and think differently. Do not just go to any predictable place. Try to be different, and you will find that you can travel further and it will be better, longer, and cheaper—I hope you enjoyed this list of the top 7 cheapest places to travel with US dollars.


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