TV Binging Habit Causes Brain Deterioration And Cognitive Decline

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The pandemic has caused people worldwide to tune in to their favorite programs more than usual. However, researchers believe that your TV binging, movie marathons, and nonstop reality show watching may be harming your cognitive and brain health.

According to experts, sedentary behavior has been linked to a variety of health concerns. Concerns include damaged bone health, heart disease, poor sleep quality, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and premature death. According to recent research, middle-aged people who reported high levels of TV binging had a more significant cognitive impairment.

The Relationship Between Cognitive Decline and Binge Habits

Researchers discovered that those who reported moderate to high levels of TV viewing saw a 7% decrease in cognitive function over 15 years compared to those who reported lower levels of TV watching.

Over ten years, many studies found that people who reported higher TV viewing had decreased quantities of gray matter. Gray matter is the brain tissue related to muscular control, vision, hearing, decision making, and other essential activities. This suggests that continuous TV viewing caused brain degeneration.

TV affects our brain
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How Television Affects Your Brain Deterioration

Spending hours watching TV does not require much brainpower, so it is a favorite pastime for many people. Experts caution, however, that intellectually inert pursuits are harmful to the brain.

Taylor, a neuroanatomist, says that you receive fixed visual patterning when you switch on the television—routinely performed, with the cells asking to adapt to the minimal stimulus, allowing the brain to operate even less. According to Taylor’s published book, a person’s brain is meant to take on new challenges and learn. Without this type of stimulus, brain cells tend to believe that they are no longer necessary. Brain cells, like muscles, require regular exercise; decreasing usage of your cognition over time leads to brain cell degeneration and cognitive loss.

According to experts, cognitive wellness is just as vital as other areas of the body. Taylor emphasizes the practice and training of our cognition. Limiting your TV bingeing habits will not only reduce your chances of early cognitive decline but will also offer you more time to be productive throughout the day.


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